Thursday, October 4, 2012

I should be sleeping... oops

Englanti sujuu tänään paremmin sori.. (-----:

So this is probably going to be the fastest post I'll ever make, 'cause I really need to go to bed, well actually I'm already in bed so I need to get sleeping. I've been super busy lately and on those moments when I haven't been busy I've had no inspiration whatsoever so sorry about that. I really can't promise when I'll start posting more pictures again 'cause I really don't know. 
The best advice I've ever gotten is that your creative process isn't working/moving you should just stop it for a while, take a break, think about something else. It's always almost agonizing when you feel like you should carry your camera with you everywhere you go 'cause you feel like you'll miss something beautiful and amazing, so in some point you need to just stop.

So now I've turned this into a full on ramble when I said I'm in a hurry, so I'll go now. You try enjoy the rest of your week and whatever things that may come your way.
Nighty Night..

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