Thursday, June 21, 2012


 It's been a long time, huh, and I'm so sorryy!
As incredible as this sounds I've been super busy these last few weeks. Had a week long camp in the first summer holiday week and then spent the next week organizing a party for my confirmation, all a part of this Finnish Lutheran tradition. 
and now I'm in the countryside, relaxing and going to spend Midsummer Day (no better way to explain another Finnish tradition or atleast it's celebrated in Finland). So you're now finally getting an update from me :D

I also went shopping this week, but I'm going to photograph the stuff when I get back home, so sometime next week.
So I hope you're going to have a great weekend (:

Jotenkin uskomatonta miten vaikeeta jotain rippileiriä on selittää englanniks :D
Eli siis tosiaan olin sie leirillä ja, sitten piti järjestää juhlia yms. niin sen takia ei oo oikein tullu postailtua.
Jotain juttujakin on tultu osteltua, mutta niistä sitten kuvia, kun pääsen kotiin. 


  1. mitä muokkausohjelmaa sä käytät?:--) hienoi kuvii muute kans !

    1. Photoshoppia ja joskus pixlr-o-matic:ia. Kiitos (: