Thursday, May 17, 2012

life's too short to even care at all

Finally all the busy things in my life are gone. Tests and exams done. No presentations or projects left to do and on top of all I have only two weeks of school left. Now it just feels like the last school year has flown by so fast. Until next year.

A whole bunch of photos from the last two weeks. 
I just didn't want to bother to put them in different posts or anything like that soo now there's little more of them in the same time. 
The photos of our dogs and some of the nature photos are from Mother's Day, the sunset photos are from two weeks ago and mixed up are some random photos from along the way. (:



  1. mihi aikaan taivas on ton värinen ? (: hienoja kuvia

    1. 10 aikaan illalla ja kiitos (: