Wednesday, February 29, 2012

(insert an interesting title here)

Gaaah, our internet connection is driving me nuts!!!
Every few minutes it works and the next it doesn't.
Effing frustrating.

Yes well enough of that.
I baked some cinnamon rolls or buns whatever you wanna call them, today. After a bit of a struggle they turned out quite good.
I went shopping yesterday, but I didn't buy anything that interesting really just a sweater, few tops and nail polish.
Tomorrow I'm just gonna work on a school project with my friend. Yippeee...
(I mean I'm not that excited about doing that project but of course excited about seeing my friend :D)
But hey what better way to spend your week off from school than doing schoolwork .....

So nothing special really.
I'm just going to crawl to bed and watch some lame and utterly mind numbing movie.

The National - Exile Vilify