Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now Playing

I've been into some older songs lately.
And of course some newer ones as well.

Some of my favorite bands and artists.(and when I say some I really mean it, the list goes on and on these are just a snipped of them) 

The Band of Horses

Lana Del Rey

Yeah Yeah Yeahs



I'm probably going to do a whole post on Above&Beyond, their music is life changing!

Some random songs I'm liking as well...

TV On The Radio - Will Do                                            Shannon LaBrie - Calls Me Home

Cults - Rave On                                               Magnetic Man - I Need Air

...and awesome videos

There are so many bands and artists which I completely adore and love, I couldn't possibly list them all, and even if I could the list would be so long and it would go on and on. :--D

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