Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meaningless ramble

Hello again peopleeee...

Quite boring day, just school..

Seppälä 19.95€
I bought a new bag, my previous one decided to break in the middle of my school day yesterday, so I went after school and bought a new one, nothing special, just something to hold my books and camera. (:
And the same time I bought some vitaminwater, if that could like improve my immune system. I highly doubt it, but nevertheless it's good. :D Cleaned some useless stuff away and organized some of my things. 

... and ugly drawings. I tried to draw a realistic eye, but failed miserably. :--------D

Awolnation - Sail
best song I've heard in a long time!!
(and an awesome video!)

In lesser words.. this post was pointless.. XD

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