Monday, December 26, 2011

Meaningless Midnight Ramble

This is like pointless and stuff, but I had the sudden urge to write something. And it's 2:00AM.
Not the wises decision but whatever.

I'm probably going to do like a Now playing -post this week. And the song list in that is going to be huge. :---D
And this week I'm also going to do like a recent buys and like my Christmas presents and some more meaningless ramble, I used to do this on my livejournal, write stuff that no one cares about. :D
But then no one even read it... now it's different when my friends are reading this (or atleast I think they are?)

Yea so that's coming up this week.
Oh and Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrate it! 

A bit late, but still. 

I really would like to add some totally weird and funky picture here, but I don't think I have any. :D

Good Night everybody, or morning or day in which ever timezone you happen to be!♥

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