Friday, December 30, 2011

This is the New Year (well almost)

Soo I can't decide should I do like a 2011-post. In other words this year in photos.
Any ideas, no? yes?

If I decide to do one it's probably going to come in 2 parts and a little bit late. 

Te rakkaat ystäväiseni siellä ruudun toisella puolella jos satutte tätä lukeen, haluutteko nähä jotain todella mukavia kuvia ittestänne tältä vuodelta? :--D ei mitään liian noloja, lupaan!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finallyyy :--D

So finally I got around taking photos of things, I've been lazy lately. :---D

Wacom  Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch -drawing tablet, which I'm totally loving!♥

I also got some money and chocolate but I thought that wouldn't be so interesting to see. :---D
Some led light rings. I tought  they would be good for doing some lightwriting and cool things to photograph. All 4 costed 0.8€ and they're from Ebay.
88 Neutral Eyeshadow palette, it costed somewhere between 6-10€, I can't remember. From Ebay as well.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now Playing

I've been into some older songs lately.
And of course some newer ones as well.

Some of my favorite bands and artists.(and when I say some I really mean it, the list goes on and on these are just a snipped of them) 

The Band of Horses

Lana Del Rey

Yeah Yeah Yeahs



I'm probably going to do a whole post on Above&Beyond, their music is life changing!

Some random songs I'm liking as well...

TV On The Radio - Will Do                                            Shannon LaBrie - Calls Me Home

Cults - Rave On                                               Magnetic Man - I Need Air

...and awesome videos

There are so many bands and artists which I completely adore and love, I couldn't possibly list them all, and even if I could the list would be so long and it would go on and on. :--D

Monday, December 26, 2011

Meaningless Midnight Ramble

This is like pointless and stuff, but I had the sudden urge to write something. And it's 2:00AM.
Not the wises decision but whatever.

I'm probably going to do like a Now playing -post this week. And the song list in that is going to be huge. :---D
And this week I'm also going to do like a recent buys and like my Christmas presents and some more meaningless ramble, I used to do this on my livejournal, write stuff that no one cares about. :D
But then no one even read it... now it's different when my friends are reading this (or atleast I think they are?)

Yea so that's coming up this week.
Oh and Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrate it! 

A bit late, but still. 

I really would like to add some totally weird and funky picture here, but I don't think I have any. :D

Good Night everybody, or morning or day in which ever timezone you happen to be!♥

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Market

Went to the Christmas market yesterday. It was beautiful.(:
All these Christmas pictures and I'm still not feeling that enthusiastic about Christmas...
this is like totally irrelevant picture, but the Sun shone first time in like a week, it's a nice change for awhile even if it's shining for 10 minutes..

Stockmann has some crazy stuff, like that display window below. :D

An awesome cake.
these lasagna discs (or what ever you call them) look so cool!

Aand finally we bought some macaroons, they are so yummy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Early Christmas Party

We went to school a hour before everyone else to bake some Christmas tarts to the upper classes. 

After that we went and filled up our self evaluations.

Then we went to the gym to decorate it a bit and set some music things, tables chairs and stuff for our Christmas "gala".

Lippi rehearsing one of the songs they played.

Me doing Lippi's makeup, or at least trying to..
Amazing music trio Emma and Lindas'. 

So basically our Christmas "gala" consisted of a teacher vs. students quiz and 2 music performances. (:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meaningless ramble

Hello again peopleeee...

Quite boring day, just school..

Seppälä 19.95€
I bought a new bag, my previous one decided to break in the middle of my school day yesterday, so I went after school and bought a new one, nothing special, just something to hold my books and camera. (:
And the same time I bought some vitaminwater, if that could like improve my immune system. I highly doubt it, but nevertheless it's good. :D Cleaned some useless stuff away and organized some of my things. 

... and ugly drawings. I tried to draw a realistic eye, but failed miserably. :--------D

Awolnation - Sail
best song I've heard in a long time!!
(and an awesome video!)

In lesser words.. this post was pointless.. XD

Monday, December 12, 2011


Ordered some makeup a week ago and it finally arrived.
I also ordered some oil blotting sheets which were 1.70€, but I forgot to take a photo.
My order costed 20€, they were having a free shipping deal.

Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter 4€

Golden Bronzer 4€

Lipstick in Nostalgic & Fearless 1.70€ each


Christmas Makeup Clutch Palette FREE GIFT (retail prize 17.50€)

Cream Eyeliner in black 4€
Nail Polish in Cranberry 1.70€
sorry for the crappy photo..

I've just been wrapping some Christmas presents and reading to my biology test which is tomorrow.
Probably just going to read to the test one more time and go to bed.
Good Night!<3